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healthiest run In the universe.

Manifest love with the Healthiest Run in the Universe. We like to help people feel good about themselves, in fact we are a little obsessed. It is truly amazing to have fun while giving back. Admit it. You’re Jealous. SO.. Join us! Run the Tie-Dye Run™.


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About us

Tie-Dye Run™ is a group of socially conscience humans with a deep desire to “spread the love” in communities around the universe through fun healthy events for our families and neighbors.



What is Tie-Dye Run™?

Tie-Dye Run™ is a 5 k fun run! Each of the 3 mile markers will be populated with Tie-Dye Run™ volunteers “spreading the love” in the form of safe non-toxic dye via the magical Tie-Dye Run™ delivery system (OK they use squirt guns). These stations will be blasting music, as the volunteers blast your race day t-shirt with color. Each mile completed will be represented by a different color on your race day shirt so each runner finishes tie-dyed!

We know it's after Labor Day but we expect you to wear white. Don't worry we wont Judge! White clothing simply enhances the color experience.

Who are these great people?

Tie-Dye Run™ is a group of socially conscience humans with a deep desire to spread health and happiness throughout our communities and around the universe, through fun healthy events for our families and neighbors. Come Join us. Register Now or Volunteer.


Are you child and stroller friendly?

The Tie-Dye Run™ is child and stroller friendly. Children under 5 are free. Children 6 and older will be required to register and receive a numbered bib. There will be activities for the whole family, music, and of course the best part, the Healthiest Race in The Universe!

Will there be vendors and should I bring money?

Yes and Yes!

There will be fantastic vendors before and after race time, so bring some cash.

Can I dress up?

Of course you can! Just pare any ensemble with your running shoes. This is the Tie-Dye Run™. Bring your crazy costumes, wigs, tutus, fake mustaches (or real ones), come how you want, we will love you just the same. (Remember the dye will be flying so keep the items you want pristine at home on race day)

What about the weather?

Make sure you dress appropriately for the weather! Your race day shirt can be worn over long sleeves or warmer clothes. During registration you will have the opportunity to buy a Tie-Dye Run™ sweetshirt.

Are you dog friendly?

No dogs. Sorry, we couldn’t find t-shirts for them.

Will the Dye hurt me?

No the dye should not hurt you. The Tie-Dye Run™ is a non-toxic and water soluble. Of course it may stain clothes and shoes so make sure you wear clothes you want Tie-Dyed. The sooner you wash out the dye the better for removal. If you are looking to keep the dye in the clothes dry and iron your clothes. This should help set the color. Repeated washing will fade the color out of the clothes. Remember wear your whites!

Our volunteers will make every effort to spread love (ok it’s just dye, but it comes with good vibes) to your t-shirts and not your face. As with any foreign material you should avoid contact with your eyes. Some of our runners wear sun glasses or goggles to help with this.

Is the event timed?

The Tie-Dye Run™ is an event for everyone! If you’re looking for a highly competitive event this one is not for you! The Tie-Dye Run™ is about coming together for a fun healthy event to be shared with our families and neighbors of all ages! This event is not about competition. It’s about community! Have fun, dye your clothes, and make healthy memories.

Is this a charity event?

The Tie-Dye Run™ is giving back to the community, by donating a portion of the proceeds to a local Charity. Click Here to learn more.




The Tie Dye Run™ 2014 Event Schedule..

The Tie-Dye Run™ is bringing its excitement and its amazing energy to over 100 cities across the United States in 2014, and even more around the Universe. Check out The Tie-Dye Run™ 2014 run map and event schedule below to find the city nearest you.

Become a VIP! For the latest announcements and up-to-date run information from The Healthiest Run In The Universe™ join now!

Race Day: Race Day registration will start at 7am and continue to 8am Race Start Time: 8:30am Location: Sunset Park Las Vegas 2601 East Sunset Rd Las Vegas NV 89120 If you are planning on bringing friends to register on Race Day or are unable to pick up your bib during packet pick-up, come early and bring your ID!


The Tie Dye Run™ 2014. Give Us Holler If You Need Us..

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